Pho Hotel

As part of the UX design course of Thinkful, I had to create a booking system for a fictional hotel called Pho Hotel. I had to create a system and UI for both guests and staff, for booking massages at the Spa, order room service from the restaurant and book the shuttle.
For the guests, I decided to create an application UI for an in-room tablet. And for the staff I created a desktop UI. I visualised everything with Paper Prototyping.


the process

I followed all necessary UX design steps to ensure a well-thought of design that fulfills all user needs.

Mindmapping I first visualised the booking system without the app, and the implications for both guests and staff. Then I visualised it with a potential app, and how it would solve pain points for the guests and staff..

User Personas & Scenarios I created five scenarios for both a guest and a potential staff member. For the guest user how they would use the app to book the services, and for the staff user, how they would use their desktop UI as administrational tool.

Sketching I sketched five different UI ideas for the guest tablet app and three different desktop UI ideas for the staff. I tried to make a simple interface, that is easy to use and clear to the user.

Paper Prototyping Low fidelity prototypes such as paper prototypes are great, especially for usability testing. I created both paper prototypes for the guest tablet interface and the staff desktop interface. I also created paper elements for features such as pop-ups and sidebar menus for the different paper screens. Please see below a video of my paper prototypes.

Usability Testing For the final step, I administered a Usability Test with one user with the paper prototype I created.

Paper Prototyping videos


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