Customer Journey Maps

For my current employer, I was in charge of creating Customer Journey Maps for two of their B2B online products. I planned and conducted research, organized internal workshops, designed the maps, presented the findings to stakeholders and finally, collaborated cross-functionally with different teams to create a Customer Journey Roadmap.

Project: Research, Cross-functional collaboration, Strategy

Type: Customer Journey Mapping

Year: 2018

The Process

Define Persona and Customer Journey Lifecycle As a first step and together with other stakeholders, we defined the persona that we wanted to focus on as well as the Customer Journey Lifecycle stages that we wanted to utilize. These were: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Onboarding, Post-Sales and Renewal

Internal Workshops As a next step, I organized a few internal & multidisciplinary workshops, to map the journey together, collect pain points and brainstorm together on how to improve these pain points of the customer. I made sure to involve team members that had frequent contact with customers, as well as (senior) management.

Create ‘ Hypothesis’ Map of the Customer Journey With the data and ideas I collected from the internal workshops, I created a first version of the Customer Journey Map, which could then be tested with customers.

Conduct Research with the Customer Next, I planned and conducted in-depth interviews with several customers to understand how they experienced the customer journey from start to finish.

Create Customer Journey Map After I conducted my research, I created the final and tested version of the Customer Journey Map using Adobe Illustrator.

Present Findings to Stakeholders I presented the findings to the internal stakeholders and shared the map internally.

Create Customer Journey Roadmap To ensure that action is taken with regards to improving the customer journey, I sat together with every team and to come up with an action plan, the “Customer Journey Roadmap”.

The Customer Journey Map

Note: this map has been edited, these are not the real findings of the project. It just contains example text


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