Nina Hoeberichts

CX/UX Designer & Strategist


Hi there, nice to meet you!! My name is Nina and I’m Dutch but I consider myself more of a global citizen. I’m a CX/UX Strategist with an eye for simplicity and user needs.  Together with my creative personality and experience in marketing & business, I have an eye for understanding both the businesses and customers’ needs, which enable me to translate this into user-friendly solutions and designs.

my skills

Customer Journey Mapping
UX Research

how I work

I try to combine simplicity, creativity and user needs in my UX designs. Together, we will have a look at your users’ needs and business goals to make an awesome UX design for web & mobile!

Every UX project is different, but this is how I would approach it:

Mindmapping: this is important to ensure that the problem is clear from the start. Visualising the problem as it is currently and visualising it with a new design solution.

User Research: This is fundamental, as you need data to back up your assumptions, as well as discovering any other potential frustration the user might experience within the problem area. data can be collected either via surveys or interviews.

User Personas & Scenarios: Creating these are essential when defining your target market and identifying possible scenarios where they might use your potential design. Depending on your target market, I will create detailed User personas and scenarios, to better understand your potential market.

Sketching: kick starts the creative process and makes you think about different ways to visualise the user interface. I will sketch various ideas (not brainstorming but ‘sketch storming’! ) and then select the best one’s to proceed further to prototyping. All in discussion with you of course.

Prototyping & Wireframing: ensures that your design is cleaner and more detailed, and you can start adding different features. Depending on the project, you can request a number of revisions.

Usability Testing: is essential to test how users will use your app and with those results you can fine tune your initial prototype before passing it to developing.

Contact me in case you’re interested in my services or you would just like to have a chat!


  • Nina created some of the most intuitive and well thought through designs in UX. I would recommend her to any company looking for a solid UX designer, she has exhibited skill in her ability to hone on the company needs as well as the needs of the end user. The layout and display of the designs provide users with an intuitive path the end goal. Her ability to create well through through process, from wire-frames, persona development and layout, is sure to add asset to any company.

    Grace Cupat Mentor
  • I wanted to compliment you for the Belooga site, it looks really really good. It's Clear, essential, simple. I have used it as an example to explain to my client the concept of 'user-friendly'

    Nina Virtuoso Home Owner on Belooga

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